Reimagining Employee Productivity

Nurturing human capital continues to be the most important driver of value, productivity and resilience for a modern corporation. The future of technology promises to be challenging, exciting and rewarding. But the steps that we take today will go a long way in ensuring that we reinvent ourselves and be future-ready! Organisations need to be nimble footed and flexible to understand the future challenges of business and shape their strategies. Changes in skills will be common place and an expectation throughout. Corporates will have to continuously think about reducing their cost of hire, improving the productivity of current employees and arresting employee attrition. Corporate Digital Business Universities will need to emerge to finally bridge the gap

Meet Our Speakers

Keynote Speaker

Manish Sabharwal

Teamlease Services Limited

Panel Speaker

Vinod Nair

Associate Vice President & Head
Human Resources, Mahindra Finance.

Panel Speaker

Harish Dayani

VP & Head
Sales, Direct Distribution & Head, L&D, Aditya Birla Health Insurance Company Limited

Panel Speaker

Deepak Deshpande

Netmagic Solutions

Panel Speaker

Pradeep Bhosekar

Head of Corporate Training Centre,
Godrej & Boyce

Panel Speaker

Pinank Goradia

AVP & Head of L & D,
Quality Kiosk


Neeti Sharma

Management Representative
TeamLease Skills University

Highlights of the event!

Note: Please note that this is an exclusive event for esteemed leadership. By Invitation Only.

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