Who We Are

The India Education Forum (IEF) is promoted as an advocacy body concerned with challenges and opportunities in the landscape of higher education in India. The leaders include representatives from all stakeholders of higher education and industry. The sole objective of the forum is to participate in building future universities in India that would offer a world-class education. This encompasses the creation of appropriate structure, strategies, processes and technology.The higher education system plays a very crucial role in the development of a nation in view of its forward linkage with the corporate, as well as, society at large. It is a human capital intensive sector where people and knowledge mean everything. It is an inevitable fact that a robust, innovative and ebullient higher educational system can only help in the transformation of India among the league of developed nations.


  • To promote debate & discussion on challenges and opportunities in higher education in India and actively participate in the consultative mechanisms.
  • To encourage new ideas, thoughts & paradigms in areas related to developing an appropriate higher education framework.
  • To assess other parameters of higher education including policy, regulation, strategic planning and operations.
  • To facilitate developmental initiatives, the creation of synergy between HEIs & other stakeholders, addressing quality & credential issues.
  • To develop a modern educational system that specifically aligns with employability needs of corporate sectors.
  • To facilitate the creation, development and evolution of higher educational institutions of global excellence.