This Women’s Entrepreneurship Day let’s take a look at strong growing leaders of tomorrow

By - 19 November 2022


19 November 2022

When we talk about unicorns in business, we usually see praises for men in the business and the women entrepreneurs are not celebrated as much as they should be. This women’s entrepreneurship day, let us take a look at a few female leaders who have broken glass ceiling in the corporate world through their unique start-up and business models:

– While growing up Aarti noticed that a lot of problems faced by people could have been easily avoided, only if they just had a better lifestyle. With this thought and to bridge the need gap, she started OZiva with the core idea to be ‘making living healthy simple.’ OZiva was started with the goal of enabling 100 million+ people to have a better and healthier life. Working towards the same goal, OZiva now has become a brand. It is India’s first certified clean label plant based brand. OZiva has crossed an annual revenue run rate of 100 cr INR within 5 years. OZiva has successfully become one of India’s leading clean plant based holistic wellness brands under Aarti’s leadership.

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