The Future: Reimagining skilling through Metaverse

By - 11 October 2022


11 October 2022

Over the last many years, technology-driven environments including social networks, video conferencing, 3D, AR/VR, and virtual games have enabled digital transformations for Educationists, Businesses and Individuals. The term “Metaverse” was coined to facilitate the digital transformation further in every aspect of our lives.

Gartner defines a “Metaverse” as a collective virtual shared space created by converging virtually enhanced physical and digital reality. It is persistent, providing enhanced immersive experiences, as well as device-independent, and accessible through any type of device, from tablets to head-mounted displays. Metaverse comprises various building blocks such as - Augmented reality (AR), Virtual reality (VR), Mixed reality (MR), Artificial intelligence (AI), Non-fungible tokens (NFT), Blockchain services, 3D modelling, Game design and development with multiple service layers under each of these blocks.

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