National Education Policy back to drawing board after PM review, to be tweaked further

By - 21 February 2020


21 February 2020

The plan has gone back to the drawing board after PM's review raised tough questions on its viability.

NEW DELHI: The Human Resource Development Ministry’s proposal to revamp the higher education regulatory regime is back to the drawing board after a detailed review of the draft

by the Prime Minister this week. ET has reliably gathered that each issue of the policy was discussed threadbare at the PM’s review meeting on February 19. Several tough questions, sources said, were raised on the viability of the fourtier higher education regulatory regime.

One of the concerns which seems to have emerged from the meeting was that it may be impractical to restructure higher education regulatory system as proposed in the draft policy. Those aware of the deliberations told ET that the key issue was whether it would be feasible to have new structures without the requisite leadership and human resource in place. The discussion also veered to the possibility of reworking the existing regulatory regime instead of a creating a new institutional edifice.It was agreed that based on the lengthy deliberation, the HRD ministry will now rework the final policy document. The idea is to have the document ready for cabinet approval soon enough for it to be placed before Parliament in the Budget session which goes on until April, senior officials from the ministry confirmed.

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