Leveraging Technology to Make Education Accessible

By - January 11, 2020


January 11, 2020

The alarming number of out-of-school young people and lack of decent work opportunities for the youth has sparked rapid global efforts to tackle these issues. According to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics report in 2018, there are over 260 million children and youth around the world who are withheld from accessing education. With good quality education far beyond their reach, many of these youths are not even equipped with the most basic skills such as literacy and math and are therefore ultimately prevented from reaching their full potential.

With technology-related solutions for scalable impact on the rise, many educational technology companies have imagined and designed various educational products to tackle this issue. However, the vast majority of existing products and curriculums assume that users are motivated to learn. It is often forgotten that when students are marginalised from the current education system, the benefits of education is invisible to the eye, making it difficult to be motivated to learn the skills they need to pursue a brighter future. With this in mind, Solve Education! uses evidence from successful game developers to create Dawn of Civilization, a learning app delivered in an engaging gamified context in order to plant the seed for learning motivation. Once that motivation has been embedded and has begun to grow, students are set on a path to develop a deeper internal motivation to become a lifelong learner.

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