IIT Bombay overhauls UG curriculum to match changing career trends

By - 11 October 2022


11 October 2022

It has become a well-established practice for engineering graduates from Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) to seek and make careers in various non-core-engineering fields such as management, consultancy,finance, start-ups among all. The IIT Bombay has now overhauled its undergraduate (UG) curriculum to suit the changing trends.

Engineering students at the IIT Bombay will now have Management,Entrepreneurship and Design courses along with Humanities as part of their regular core engineering curriculum. The non-engineering subjects — Humanities, Arts, Social Science, Management,Entrepreneurship, Design, or as the IIT Bombay calls it ‘HASMED’ — are of great significance in the new course curriculum. This is along with an interdisciplinary STEM (Science, Technology,Engineering, Mathematics) approach combined with the core engineering subjects of a specific branch that a student is pursuing.

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