How India is being pushed towards commercialization of higher education

By - November 26, 2019


November 26, 2019

The reluctance of the present dispensation in pushing the higher education towards commercialization is not just limited to the fees hike in Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU). It seems the government is gradually implementing a plan which is not merely confined in reducing subsidies but to convert the entire education system into a business enterprise.

Commercialization of higher education in India is no more a slogan or intellectual debate. There are a number of decisions taken by the Government of India in recent years which indicate a desperate move for commercialization of higher education in the country. Besides, the proposed National Education Policy (NEP) also has several measures to give a huge momentum to the privatization and commercialization in all forms of education. The major visible decisions of the government for commercialization of education could be summarized as under:

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