Byjus Layoffs: Is All Gloomy In EdTech Sector? Check What Experts Say

By - 2 November 2022


2 November 2022

Edtech major Byju’s is reportedly planning to close down its Bengaluru headquarters and Thiruvananthapuram office, while company Unacademy has also laid off hundreds of employees this year. Though it raises concerns over the educational technology sector’s situation, experts said the future does not look as ominous or dire as it is being made to look as the industry is poised to reach $4 billion by 2025 and $30 billion by 2032.

Byju’s has said around five per cent, or 2,500, of positions in the company are being rationalised as part of Byju’s current strategic plan to grow profitably and sustainably. It employs nearly 50,000 people across India. Unacademy, as per reports, has also laid of about 1000 employees this year.

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